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About Us


We sculpt spaces that whisper tales of innovation and resonate with purpose


At Masterspace, we reimagine architecture to tell inclusive, sustainable stories, shaping timeless, purposeful spaces.

“Architecture weaves innovation, inclusivity, and tradition into enduring, purposeful spaces.”

Interior & Architectural Project Consultant

Devis Gajjar

Meet Mr. Devis Gajjar, the visionary force driving Masterspace to architectural eminence in Surat, Gujarat. Starting with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, his journey evolved into a mastery of architecture, complemented by refined consulting skills. From his early days as a Site Supervisor to inaugurating Masterspace in 2019, Devis’s stalwart table spirit and client-centric approach define the firm’s meteoric rise. A hands-on leader, he alters spaces during site visits, crafting immersive recitals. Masterspace, once a duo, now thrives with an adept team. Devis Gajjar’s journey is an inspiring tribute to turning dreams into reality through dedication and foresight.

Head of Operations

Tasneem Sibatra

Meet Tansneem, the accomplished co-founder of Masterspace. With finesse, she oversees the company’s financial heartbeat, excelling in smooth payment follow-ups and maintaining the integrity of the main accounting system. Tasneem’s devotion extends to seamless commercial dealings with clients, dealers, suppliers, and vendors. A masterful presenter, she showcases Masterspace’s work and services with eloquence. Collaborating coherently with Mr. Devis Gajjar, the creative head, Tasneem ensures a perfect blend of financial acumen and creative brilliance at the core of Masterspace’s success. Together, they steer the firm with balance, embodying a harmonious fusion of creativity and financial precision.

Our Story

Masterspace, founded in 2019 by Mr. Devis Gajjar and Ms. Tasneem Sibatra, has evolved from a humble Project Management Company into visionary architects of enchanting spaces. Our commitment to crafting enduring legacies goes beyond constructing buildings; we create living works of art where form and function seamlessly converge. With a team of 40+ dedicated members, we passionately bring visions to life, transforming ideas into architectural realities. At Masterspace, spaces are more than structures; they reflect the values and aspirations of those who inhabit them. Join us in celebrating the fusion of form, function, and aesthetics—a testament to our enduring dedication to elevate the art of living.